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Lee cole wellness

Clinton Hills, Brooklyn, New York

We are dedicated to giving each and every guest the utmost personal care and individual attention to help in feeling and looking your best.



Lee Cole

Since the age of fourteen I have been fascinated with the aging process. I wanted to know why skin losses its collagen and elasticity resulting and, find lines and wrinkles. My research also revealed foods high in calories could cause weight along with lack of exercise. My intense curiosity and quest to fine healthier low calorie diets have brought me to where I am today.

As, I continue this journey my goal is to educate and present healthy ways for my clients to maintain vitality and to sustain a healthy quality of life through planning nutritious diets which lead to youthful, glowing skin

Malik Torres

Galaxy Fitness

GF is a service that motivates and inspires you to be the best you can be! We understand what your transition into universal fitness means and look to get real results that you can feel and see. Come train with me.

Door to door transportation is available for our clients who are uncertain or nervous about commuting during these turbulent times.